Thank You To Our Supporters!

Mental Health Center of Denver Dahlia Campus for Health and Wellbeing.  Thank you to Taliah Abdullah of MHCD Dahlia for giving us a home in their absolutely wonderful and amazing community wellness space.


CHINOOK FUND:  Thank you so much for our vision of connecting the Denver-Metro Area community to the indigenous Yogic traditions of India and all of its social justice and healthy living aspects.


Evanston Center for Spiritual Wholeness and Healing:  Thank you so much to Rev. Linda Bibb for generously offering us space for our practice in the past. 

University Park United Methodist Church: Thank you to Diane Felt for offering us space for our open house in the past.

Pin and Tonic Community Acupuncture ClinicThank you so much to Lisa Bullis Lac, and the staff of Pin and Tonic, providers of affordable Chinese medicine in Denver for providing us a space for our practice.  Please support this wonderful local business who strives to make alternative healing modalities accessible to all and supports programs like ours, dedicated to the same cause!

Veterans of Hope Project: Thank you to Dr. Rachel Harding for lending your support personally and through the Veterans of Hope Project. 

Colorado Trust:  Thank you to Candace Johnson for supporting us in expanding our community programming with a generous grant.


NE Denver SHARE:  Thank you Tash Mitchell and Lyz Riley for ongoing support of our programming.



Supporters of our Indiegogo Campaign!


  • Jennifer McCarron and Santosha Yoga
  • Betty Ndri-Stempfer
  • Hillary Potter
  • Candace Johnson
  • Godan Nambudiripad
  • Unny Nambudiripad
  • Divya Raj
  • Radhika Nath
  • Linda Mizell
  • Priya Unadkat
  • Jennifer Williams Bordeaux
  • Susanna Donato
  • Mahi Palanisami
  • Joan Njagu
  • Carrie Odom and Kosha Yoga Center
  • Deanne Kapnik
  • Becca Hammons
  • Lisalee Golden
  • Tonia Crosby and Bhavana Collective


  • Jo Cusick
  • Jordan T. Garcia
  • Caroline Mancuso
  • Sue Cobb
  • Faatma Mehrmanesh
  • Melanie Klein
  • Eutimia Cruz-Montoya
  • Willow Sophia-Bah
  • Jennifer McCarron
  • Claude Harton
  • Louise 
  • Sarah Lowenstein
  • Aliza Sodos

Other Financial Supporters

  • Vasudevan Sasidharan Thampi and Surabala Thampi
  • Sathyakumari Amma
  • Kishori Parikh

Supporters who have offered time, knowledge, resources, space, spreading of the word, and LOVE:

  • Sarah Lowenstein (
  • Teo Drake
  • Faatma Mehrmanesh and The Righteous Food Collective
  • Beverly Grant and Mo Betta Green Marketplace
  • Letitia Monk-Salazar
  • Dr. Subini Annamma
  • Cathy Denise and the Center for Trauma and Resilience (
  • Tonia Crosby and Bhavana Collective (
  • Mi Casa Innovation Lab ( and Boys and Girls Club 
  • Valerie Schultz-Gonzalez and LaViahn Healing (
  • Eutimia Cruz-Montoya, Muse in Medicine
  • Zeina Omisola
  • Sofia Chavez and Estara Integrative Programs
  • Tyrone Beverly and Im'Unique United (
  • Andres Gonzales and Holistic Life Foundation  (
  • Kurt Huerta
  • Tamme Buckner 
  • Kimimila Locke
  • Sheree Brown and Ancestral Herbalism Study Group
  • Asia Dorsey and Five Points Fermentation
  • Senakhu Donald
  • Wendy Talley
  • Maurice Kama
  • Raquel Guerrero
  • Qiana Torres Flores
  • Celia Michelle Castor and People of Color Healing Group