Beverly Grant

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Beverly Grant is an evangelist for healthy eating and a mom of three. Grant started the first farmers market in the historic Five Points neighborhood, called the Mo’ Betta Green MarketPlace. Her mission is built into the name itself. “The slang part, mo’ betta, is about self- improvement, something that’s easy and that you can do one step, one bite at a time,” she said. “Green is about the lifestyle, sustainability and regeneration.” She is a 2018 Graduate of Satya's 200 hr POC Yoga Teacher Training program.

You may have spotted her on a bus or heard her voice on the radio. Or maybe you’ve been lucky enough to have filled your belly with prana full food that she grew and cooked from her own pure heart and hands at one of her summer farmers markets. Beverly Grant is a local honored celebrity for her many contributions to the community. She is like Denver’s very own Annapurna (Hindu Goddess of Food)! On top of all that, she is just the warmest, funniest human being!

Class Style: Athletic, yet gentle, fluid, graceful, and complete for the body and spirit.