18 Son Salutations for Reese Grant Cobb

18 Son Salutations for Reese Grant Cobb

David Hallman

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A Denver Native, proud product of Denver Public Schools, 30 year veteran of the Denver Parks and Recreation system and 2016 graduate of Satya Yoga Cooperative’s 200hr POC Yoga Teacher Training Program. My work and passion has been in marginalized, communities of color, working with the 5-Points, Elyria-Swansea, Cole, Park Hill and Athmar communities to provide exposure to programming and activities not often offered in disenfranchised communities. 

After being introduced to Pilates and Yoga by my wife Chessa, owner of Pilates On the Move, Pilates and Fitness studio, The physical practice of yoga has come pretty naturally, as have the focus and some aspects of the breath work. I realized that, I had been practicing some form of yoga, from very early in life, as a young martial arts student, through my time as a College athlete, stretching while linking breath to movement was 2nd nature.

My light bulb moment came in the realization that many of the movements and stretches, that my instructors and Coaches used, during warm-up and cool-downs, were deeply rooted in Yoga. I, much like them, went on to repeat the same streching and breathing techniques, unknowingly, practicing and teaching yoga movements/asanas as an injury prevention tool for much of my professional life!

As a relative novice in the world of Yoga, I have practiced several different styles. However, over the last three years, Hatha, and Restorative Styles, that focus on restoring and improving Range of Motion, mobility and functional strength, have been what my mind and body have gravitated towards. 

Inspired by the Random Acts of Compassion Campaign, I taught my first yoga class. It was a class, just for Men, 18 sun salutations, in honor of Reece Grant - Cobb’s 18th Birthday.

Current offering: Satya Men’s Yoga

Wednesday’s, 6:30 - 7:45pm Dahlia Campus for Health and Well-being, MHCD 3401 Eudora Street $10 suggested | pay what you can afford. for more information contact me directly at satyayogamen@gmail.com