Eduardo Viezca

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Eduardo was born in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and raised in Southwest Denver. He is a meztizo, Mexicano-Americano, two-spirit, healer, light worker, social worker, sCholar, therapist and yoga practitioner.  Check out his instagram here.

Class Style: Eduardo's class styles can range depending on the class and group needs. Styles can range from core and leg-heavy power yoga, to more meditation-infused hatha styles. However, the following things will be present in every class:



-modifications for all body types


-palo santo

-an inclusive yoga environment.

He is available for private sessions (yoga or psychotherapy) and has a monthly, donation based yoga class in Spanish for Latinxs and other Spanish-speaking people of color every first Saturday of the month. Check it out here:

Yoga en español para Latin@s y gente de color