If you would like to apply for one of our 2 work/study positions, please look over the job description posted below and see if it looks like a good fit.  Work/Study positions require a commitment of 5 hours of work per week. The work study position requires a $450 deposit (approx. 1/4 the cost of the program) which can be in installments. The materials cost will also be covered by you.  Please submit a regular student application as well as the work/study application below.

Be the support person for the weekly community class (2 hours/week):  You must attend the weekly Saturday morning community class at Dahlia.  Arrive half an hour early to set up:

  • Set up room by moving any tables and chairs off to the side if necessary. Pull out all yoga mats, blankets, blocks and straps and stack neatly by the door. 
  • Place a table at front of space or outside door with sign in sheet, pens, and donation jar.
  • Greet and direct people as they arrive.
  • Explain to anyone who does not identify as a person of color that this is a POC safe space using language provided by Lakshmi on the group page.
  • Before session starts, give a brief introduction including:
  •  introduce teacher
  • remind everyone to sign in and explain why we request demographic info (Zip code)
  • explain that you will be taking photos occasionally and to please mark “no” on photo release located on the sign in sheet
  • remind where restrooms are located
  • Walk around and help with any questions
  • Take pictures during session
  • Feel free to join in on the Yoga!
  • Help with cleanup at end of session
  • Collect donations and give to Lakshmi (either keep the cash and donate via PayPal or give her the cash in class)

Website maintenance:  (variable hours)  The website is hosted on squarespace, which is fairly user-friendly.  Keep classes and events page updated.  Upload blog posts, testimonials, teacher bios, etc.

Social media maintenance (variable hours):  Keep facebook page updated and active (post 2 articles of interest per week if we don't have any of our own content to post).  Create facebook events, meetup events, update instagram with pictures from classes.  If you are savvy with other types of social media that we are not using, we welcome your knowledge! 

Keep Teaching Calendar filled and up to date.

Sending reminders (reminders to teachers who are signed up to teach community class, payment reminders, blog post reminders, homework reminders, reminders to send in teacher bios, testimonials for website, etc)

Mailing list maintenance

Fundraising:  Share fundraising link.  Assist with fundraisers if we have them.  Promote holiday sale of mudra cards and posters.

Miscellaneous:  We may occasionally ask you to assist the TA's in making photocopies, taking and recording attendance, etc on days that they aren't able to make it and/or other random stuff.