Namaste.  Vanakkam. You are welcome here!

  • Satya

    a Sanskrit word that roughly translates as "truth", but satya means so much more than what the English word truth can convey. It is the ultimate abiding Truth...the Universal Reality... It is That which remains constant through space, time, and culture. It is the Truth of our Innermost Being….the Truth which equals Love, Beauty, Sacredness, Connection. For Satya Yoga Cooperative, Satya is a commitment to honoring the essential wisdom of Yoga as a tradition with specific cultural roots and of all Indigenous spiritual traditions.

  • Yoga

    a Sanskrit word derived from the word yuj (“to yoke”). We actively work in every moment to yoke together ego to True Self, to yoke body, mind, and spirit, and to yoke our collective humanity.

  • Cooperative

    A cooperative is a business that is jointly owned by its members. We are the first ever POC (People of Color) member-owned yoga cooperative. We are proud to join a growing movement of people centered cooperative businesses around the world.