Yoga Teacher Training

Level 2


Yoga Teacher Training (YTT): 50 hours

Prerequisite: Immersion (Part 1).  

For students who wish to share their newfound knowledge of yoga with others in their communities. The yoga teacher's primary objective is to help others to become more aware  on multiple levels, including the inner workings of their bodies, minds, and breath.  Few "jobs" offer you the opportunity to impact people so profoundly.  New yoga teachers have many opportunities to teach.  You will be able to lead classes for schools, community centers, churches, yoga studios, health clubs, neighborhood rec. centers, coworkers, organizations, or for family and friends.  

The focus of the yoga teacher training section will be to learn how to teach yoga to others safely and sensitively

  • Qualities of an effective teacher

  • Art and Science of Sequencing

  • Voice, Body Language, & Appropriate touch

  • Adjustments & Modifications  (as well as adaptation for special populations:  prenatal, seniors, trauma sensitive, etc.)

  • Different Styles For Teaching

  • Teacher Practicum

  • Ethics of Yoga Instruction

  • "Business of Yoga"  (insurance, professional organizations,  payscale, marketing and promotion)

As our yoga immersion program is for People of Color, please see our FAQ

*Immersion & YTT (Parts 1 & 2) together comprise the 200 hours of training that is the standard established by Yoga Alliance.

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