Yoga Immersion

Level 1


LEVEL 1:  Yoga Immersion

150 hours

For students who want to delve deep into the transformative practice and science of Yoga for themselves, but aren't sure they want to become yoga teachers.  A physically advanced yoga practice is NOT required, however, some experience with yoga is helpful and students should be capable of physical mobility, although we can modify to accommodate many physical limitations.

The focus of the immersion will be self exploration through the concepts of yoga, with a focus on decolonizing the body, mind, spirit complex and the development of your own personal practice.  The immersion will cover an in depth exploration of the 8 classical limbs of yoga and more:

As our yoga immersion program is for People of Color, please see our FAQ

  • What Yoga is and is not (history of yoga)

  • Philosophy of Yoga through study of the Yoga Sutras.

  • Techniques and Mechanics of Asana  (fundamental yoga postures)

  • Pranayama (breathing techniques)

  • Subtle energy, including Bandhas (energy locks), Prana Vayus & Mudras (directional energy and energy circuits)

  • Strength, Flexibility, Balance, and Relaxation through practice of Asana (yoga postures)

  • Functional Eastern and Western anatomy as it applies to Yoga

  • Meditation, Chanting, and Mantra (the yoga of vibration and frequency)

  • Basic Sanskrit vocabulary and correct pronunciation

  • Exploration of Vedic Sciences  (Vedic Astrology & Ayurveda)

  • Examination of how oppression (with a focus on racism) impacts the body, mind, & spirit.

  • Exploration of Global Indigenous Healing & Wellness Systems

  • Personal Practice Development

  • Journaling & Reflection

  • Exploration of the different styles of Yoga

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